Lessons from My Younger Self

I sat down with my younger self and asked for advice. Apart from questionable vocabulary, turns out younger Me is pretty wise!

Kubo Loh Hidenobu
3 min readNov 19, 2020
Younger Me — Fresh and bare-faced, ready to face the world

We progress as we get older. Experience comes with age, age comes with experience. I have read many articles like “Advice to my 20-year-old self” and “Letter to my 20s” — All retrospective accounts on the assumption we are better versions of our former (younger) selves. However, I feel some aspects of my younger me outshine my current self. Hence, this article is to remind me about these aspects. It’s 2020, I’m jobless due to Covid and carving out a new career, no greater opportune time than now to have a chat with my younger self.

Me (M): So how’s everything?

Younger self (YS): Smashing!

Me: Wow, ok I’ve totally forgotten that I used to love saying “Smashing”.

YS: What about you? What are you up to?

M: Well, I’m jobless now. The airline industry is bad, there is no need for Pilots. Remember that thing about video and photography you love doing? Yeah I’m trying to head down that path.

YS: Cool… I mean not cool on the jobless part but yeah, Ok but yes let’s get down to it? What advice would I have for you hmmm…

On Fearlessness

“You need to be bolder, old man. I learnt how to ride a bicycle by myself. I took the training wheels off a bicycle left behind by some kid during my brother’s birthday party. Once I got the gist of it, I started attacking the hills around my old home. Sure, I fell down once or twice but hey, it was a crash course (pun intended) in cycling. I’m sure you have been holding back because of the fear of failure but remember you have fallen before, and look you’re still alive! Be fearless, or less fearful, at least!”

Learning by Doing

Post-show with friends (and hair-gap) who came down to support

“When I took on that scriptwriter and director role for the theatre production in University, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Prior to that, I had only watched a single play in my whole life. But it supercharged and accelerated my learning because I had to deliver! This concept of excited accountability is something useful to you now. You’re trying to do some film-video thingy right? Why don’t you volunteer to make a film for a Non-profit? Forget film school. I think this is a much better way to learn.”

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

I used to run really fast and live, eat, breath running as well.

“Remember when I wanted to join the Track & Field team in your final year of Secondary school? The teacher-in-charge back then was sceptical and said that it wasn’t a jogging club and it was pretty late in the season already. She made me talk to the Coach, a big imposing man with a full-grown beard. In the end, he made our mother write a letter to him promising I would be serious in training, and they as say, the rest was history. Look at the doors it’s opened! There are many doors for us to open, we just have to step forward. Sometimes we don’t hold the key and hence, we have to ask around. Don’t afraid to put yourself out there.”

Me (M): Wow ok. That was all really helpful!

Younger Self (YS): Yah, I know right.

M: Please, don’t say that anymore. It makes you sound… bimbotic. Well anyway what are you up to after this? Training for that upcoming track competition? Writing another play? Learning a new skill?

YS: Nah, screw that… I’m gonna’ play Sims 2!

M: Oh right, now that you’ve reminded me… Let me go find my copy.