Kubo Loh Hidenobu
2 min readApr 22, 2017



“Random acts of kindness usually find us, and at the most unexpected of times”

I’ve been eating here since I was 5 and even after moving out from this neighbourhood, I still look forward to breakfast at this Kopitiam every chance that comes by.

Today was no exception with me being on Leave. I felt I needed a moment before starting a crazy day of packing and moving (shifting houses yet again!) and to recollect my thoughts after a false health scare (no thanks to an overzealous Radiologist). What better way to look after myself than with some Fried Chicken Wings at 9am – Fight fire with fire, they say. I was hoping to get a plate of Fried Bee Hoon to go along with those succulent wings (has a slight tinge of Har Cheong) but to my disappointment, it sold out. During the internal debate between Nasi Lemak (chinese style, with amazing not-so-spicy sambal belachan) or Chee Chong Fun, my subconscious suddenly screamed “EH SHIT, FORGET TO DRAW MONEY”. At this point of time, I told Aunty “I come back later, I come back later”. Both the Uncle and Aunty sensed something was amiss as I peered into the gaping crevasse of my wallet.

As you would expect, they asked if I wanted to eat first and pay later. No surprise – Establishments usually extend credit to frequent customers, hor? But I was embarrassed nonetheless and in retrospect, this was one of my deepest fears realised (ranks up there with drowning at Sea, I kid you not). I am a kopi guy, and should you cross my line in the morning before my daily cup, cash me outside how bout dah. So, while Aunty was preparing my Nasi Lemak, I was thinking “Sian, how to ask for coffee? Is it too much?” That thought got canned quickly as I didn’t want to inconvenience these nice people anymore. Besides making the most QQ Mee Pok, I highly suspect some mindreading ability as Uncle asked me “Do you want a drink?” I was too paiseh to answer but eventually relented and what took the (fish)cake was, that he stopped slicing his Fishcakes, took $1.10 from his coin bowl and walked over to the drinks stall to order a Kopi-C. Best cup of Coffee I’ve had in awhile.

I’m amazed at how random acts of kindness usually find us, and at the most unexpected of times. Been feeling really frustrated with everybody and everything the past few weeks, and am hoping that this experience would fill my cup with kindness (not just Kopi-C) to pass on.

P.S. Coffeeshop is at the intersection of Jalan Paras/Jalan Senang in Kembangan. Everything here is good. Sumpah.